Rave Reviews


Rave Reviews

“Dr. Khan Embodies The Principles Of His Training.”  – Rochel Rittgers



Dr. Khan Empowered these Individuals to Successfully Manage Stress,    

Imagine . . . What YOU CAN DO !






“Dr. Khan taught me how to reduce the tension and stress in my neck and shoulders.  Now I feel more relaxed.  And, I recommend him to others.”       Anna Marta Tarbela   


“A session with Dr. Ndugu Khan taught me how to energize myself and improve my health.  His methods work, and I highly recommend him.”                         Diana Robinson     




“Dr. Khan is reliable, dedicated and dependable and I recommend him to others.”             

Col. Terry Lindsey     





“Dr. Khan is an excellent teacher.  I trained in Chi Kung from Dr. Khan.  The benefits you will receive are immeasurable, and you will feel better.”                 Barbara White




Dr. Khan helped me to release stress using a simple, easy technique.”          Keith Long




  The meditation lifted my being and he acupuncture ridded me of my headache.   I have the energy that I did not have when I came to you.  Thank you.        Dr. Paula Robnett





“You can feel the energy radiate from Dr. Khan when he demonstrates Chi King and Tai Chi.  Dr. Khan embodies the principles of his training.”                    Rochel Rittgers



“Dr. Khan is dependable, reliable and he gives from the heart.”                    

Janice Francis




“Dr. Khan has taught me deep diaphragmatic breathing.  The first thing that I noticed was a sense of calmness, peace and a profound level of relaxation.”

Cecile Meranda





“Dr. Khan is a mentor, a guide and is an excellent teacher.  His instruction has enhanced my life and my family.”         

            Valetha Swoope





“Dr. Khan, teaches you disciple and how to improve yourself.”

Minister Denise Rylander




“I have taken Dr. Khan’s training.  Dr. Khan has inspired me to be the best that I can be and  I recommend anyone to train with Dr. Khan.”     

Miracle Slone