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“You can feel the energy radiate from Dr. Khan when he demonstrates Chi King and Tai Chi.  Dr. Khan embodies the principles of his training.”

Rochel Rittgers February 22, 2013



If you have ever imaged being able to relax whenever you wanted to, but you doubted how to go about relaxing.

Do you know what step you can take to relieve stress and tension?  If you’re not clear about what steps you can take, this transformational weekend event will get you headed in the right direction.   And, clarify what techniques work every time you use them.

May be you already know of a way or a technique, but have never really learned how they work or how to use them.  At Chi Kung Your Health Transformational weekend, Dr. Khan will show you step by step how to use techniques that work each time you use them.

Are you all ready to learn how to relax?  Dr. Khan’s Chi Kung Your Health can help you learn how to reduce stress and tension.  Dr. Khan shows you exactly what you can do to relax.  From simple techniques to positioning yourself to being in control of how you feel, you will learn additional ways to feel good.

Become extremely passionate about having less stress in your life.  Dr. Khan will teach you a simple, easy way to reduce stress and tension in your life.  Learning these techniques will enable you to have more freedom and time to do other important things in your life, like spending quality time with your loved ones.

No matter your current state, or where you are in life, Dr. Khan’s Chi Kung Your Health transformational weekend will teach you how to transform your life.  Even if you follow just a few of the techniques that Dr. Khan teaches, you can dramatically increase the quality of your life.  You can remain as you are, not knowing what to do, or you can initiate a fresh and successful new start.  Dr. Khan’s Chi Kung Your Health Can Potentially Help ANYONE!

Easy, Simple Anybody Can Do It!



      Who Is Dr. Khan?

Dr. Ndugu Khan is a man of fortitude, disciple and focus.  First and foremost, Dr. Khan is a supporter of family.  He has made it his life’s work by developing educational programs.  He has developed Chi Kung Your Health system from years of effort and experience.  Through many years, Dr. Khan has put together a system that anyone can follow.  Over 46 years have gone into developing this system which Dr. Khan would love to pass on to you.  Saving you over 46 years of process of elimination, and loads of cash, so that you can be on your way to a life of less stress, so that you can enjoy your life and have the freedom to do what you want and spend more time with the people in your life that matter most, your friends and family. Dr. Khan is living out his passion as a platform speaker and mentor helping others. He is booked at mega events with hundreds of attendees.  Dr. Khan is living his passion helping others to live a life with less stress, and he wants to help you live yours.


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